Chairman Message

Our journey began in Bhavnagar back in 1975 with just four polishing wheels, when my brothers and I started a small diamond manufacturing operation. Today, we are a global company that employs over 3000 people and operates throughout the entire Diamond Pipeline…from Rough to Retail.

Ambitious and struggling to make a living as a diamond cutter, a chance to make a quick profit by doing something that was not completely above board presented itself. It would have been easy to compromise my integrity. But I resisted knowing that hard work and honesty would surely help me succeed. This has been the foundation of Munjani Brothers Diamond Manufacturer, Exporters & Importers, and what a journey it has been since! Purity of thought, word, deed, utmost effort towards customer satisfaction and humility in all our dealings whether with our clients, partners or employees set us apart from the others. What you see is exactly what you get.

We serve and support our wide range of customers who are located throughout, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, India and the United States. In our continued efforts to position ourselves as an innovative industry leader, Munjani Brothers expanded our expertise in manufacturing to innovative Diamond manufacturing over two decades ago. Today we pride ourselves for our support of global customers, some of whom have been with us for fifteen years. As a company, we enthusiastically adhere to Best Practice Principles and accept our Corporate Social Responsibility to create profits while not doing harm to the environment or to the workforce.

We also, however, adopt a more proactive a comprehensive commitment to our workforce, our local communities and our country. For example, we work to improve the quality of life of our workforce and communities with eco-friendly and air conditioned facilities, as well as provide health care for the families of all our employees along with many other employee benefits that are not common in India. In 1998, we established the “Foundation Trust” (shreemati Davalben Ramjibhai Munjani Trust) for help People who really need and for who not capable for fulfill his basic need.

With our penchant for honesty, innovative and superior products, accessibility, manufacturing expertise and team of dedicated staff we promise you an experience that goes 'BEYOND DIAMONDS.'