Since 1975

Munjani Brothers

Diamond Manufacturer, Exporters & Importers
An Exceptional Diamond
Carat : 6.07
Color : I
Clarity : VS1
Cut / Pol / Sym : EX EX EX
Fluorescence : None
Certificate : GIA


Built on the legacy of trust, catering customers worldwide with finest quality diamonds & jewelry and simultaneously elevating the norms of paramount proficiency


We manufacture different shape color and diamond with best quality and pure light that’s make us different from others.

Online Inventory

To supply diamonds online worldwide direct from factory, we unveil our sales portal for retail and wholesale customers.

Diamond Auction

Our way different Diamond Online Auction offers a range of exceptional diamonds from the treasure of Munjani Brothers in very effective and efficient way.

Services We Provide

Munjani Brothers is one of the most technologically advanced diamond manufacturer in the world., With Best Services See Our Different Services Below.

Diamond Time-Lapse

First time in the industry, our Block chain enabled Diamond Time-Lapse report is facilitating a diamond voyage from mine to finger with minute details of crafting and beautifying process.

Special Cut

Nature bent us special with one touch. We create special with human touch. Munjani Brothers Special Cut diamond possesses the ability to add extra feather in being special, exemplary light return and a visual representation.


Our elephantine rough diamond resources, infrastructure and workforce is capable of providing any scale of tailor made merchandise on a specific timeline.

Virtual Showcase

Virtual Showcase, one of the proprietary stockless virtual-reality modules from Munjani Brothers to its Retailers where consumers can enjoy buying diamonds with satisfaction.

IT Support

Satisfying a customer is the aim of any business. Being our prominent partner we empower your consumers to choose and thrive by streamlining Data Feed without the risk of physical inventory.

Education & Training

Retailers can add the experiential component by having well-trained staff enhance the value of the product by imparting in-depth knowledge about it.


The Munjani Brothers Grading System is a proprietary tool for describing diamonds in precise detail. We measure twenty aspects of each stone and carefully grade each against exact standards and sets of reference gems. The result is a unique report for each diamond and a transparent, logical rationale for its price.


Quality is the foundation upon which Munjani Brothers was built. Every day we strive to meet the highest standards for cutting and polishing each diamond in our care. Every worker at Munjani Brothers is accountable to the process of creating beautiful diamonds.


Our commitment to ethics, transparency, consistency and the highest level of customer satisfaction drives everything we do. For more than forty-two years, Munjani Brothers has built an unrivaled reputation for integrity, technical innovation and industry expertise.


Being an ethically responsible diamond intermediary, every stone in our inventory comes from conflict-free sources. All of the diamonds we polish are tracked from Rough phase to Polished phase. We are committed to build a sustainable industry that helps benefits all.

Our Responsibility

We believe in Giving back to the society - Organized "Samuh Lagna" , where we sponsored wedding ceremony for hundreds of daughters from underprivileged family.


We organize various events globally, to cater to current and prospective clients/partners.

MB Diamond Institute

The diamond institute of munjani brother Where we provide many course here for diamond like 4p, Microscope grading, sarin, planning and marking, color and priority, triple ex, laser Know About more Click on Explore more.